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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Taylor is 7 months!

Taylor is 7 months now! Here is a cute picture of him making a mess with some banana peels!

He isn't quite sitting yet, but he does well if someone is there to catch him (because he inevitably falls over). He also does a lot of scooting, recently with some speed, as well as some planks and down dogs, etc. He has no teeth yet which is late compared to my older two kids.

Also he is not interested in food either. At this age, Elisabeth was starting to try fruits and green smoothies (which were her only solid foods until after a year). It is so interesting to see babies follow their instincts. A few weeks ago I first offered him banana and he didn't even open his mouth! he had no idea idea it was even food. Then about a week later he would open his mouth and lick it. That was funny! Now he will open up and take a bite but then he doesn't know what to do with it, so after sucking it a bit, he will end up spitting it out.

Fresh fruits are the best thing for babies! You don't need to purée or anything. I avoid fruits that require chewing, like melons. You can get freeze dried fruits which dissolve easily as well, if you need a snack to keep in the diaper bag. Don't forget to offer green smoothies which are very mineral rich, and babies need fatty foods such as avocados. (okay, they don't actually NEED fatty foods or solid foods at all, to be precise. Breast milk is totally sufficient even for a couple years, if a toddler isn't interested in eating).

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Emily S said...

He's so cute! I wish I could meet him. :)